Our Mission Statement

The youth of today are in dire need of fiercely awesome people to help them thrive.

The skills needed to filter the good and bad become muddied in a world that seldom does a stellar job of sending the right message to any of us. 

We believe the journey to confidence and self-acceptance begins long before classrooms are in session and we want the road to being a “grown-up” to be paved with belief, kindness and confidence.

How do we do that?

We build, provide and encourage.

We sell clothing, but first, we listen. We select and we curate a place where feeling favored, believing you’re special and knowing you look amazing – is priority number one. Always.

Favored isn’t just a word that points to being a favorite, it’s placing priority on something or someone because it has a value, a place and a reason for existing.

Favored Youth Clothing Co., was created to be a piece of the fabric that creates the tapestry of greatness in our children. Every color, every stitch – is there to cultivate the understanding that YOU CAN, YOU SHOULD and YOU WILL BE – Favored Youth in the world.