Let's get ya'll settled with the 411:

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are gonna do our best! Please allow up to 24 hours for a customer service representative to get in touch with you ... might be more...might be less. High volume ordering time may result in "more," but we still really care about you. 

ORDER CHANGES: Once you receive an order confirmation, changes are difficult to make - simply because of our inventory and software tracking. Please make sure (if you're like me...check your order 5 times or you might make a mistake) before you hit submit. 

DAMAGED ITEMS: We won't ship anything without previously checking for quality. This is the main reason items are not shipped in original packaging. We check it all first! 

SHIPPING: 3-5 days is our goal! Most items will ship within 24-46 hours after it has been received...which is 2 hours faster than average. Once you receive a tracking number, just wait patiently. We do not recommend binge watching Netflix until your order arrives. 

PAYMENT METHODS: We cannot change your payment method once you have placed your order. Super sorry. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Aren't our models adorable? Because our models are minors, sharing for profit, is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action. Our models sign a consent form, for OUR USE ONLY. We own the rights to all original photography. We also try to show the best lighting and fabric quality possible. We cannot be responsible for user screen errors or quality distortion because of user device. 

PACKAGING: Maybe you noticed something? Our clothing arrives to us in a clear poly or cellophane mailer. Every. Single. One. In order to help Mother Earth, we recycle all of those bags and boxes - so you don't have to. We also throw away those weird little preservation packets that often times arrive in items shipped from overseas. They are legit poison. SO! Let's protect baby Jimmy and Spot the Dog - nobody wants anyone ingesting that! Instead of ruining your day with that nonsense, we dispose of them properly and wrap your package up with all the love and sunshine it deserves! Your clothes are YOURS.