Become A Courage Card Writer

Being a Courage Card Writer is one of our most important tasks at Favored Youth Clothing Co. Every order we ship out is special - it is going to a kid who is gonna rock the world with their goodness and courage and these cards help solidify that message. If you would like to help with this special mission - just email us the number of cards you'd like to write and include your address, age and a little bit about why you want to help. This is a fantastic service opportunity that you will LOVE participating in! 

Upon your request - you will be sent your Courage Cards at no cost to you. You will have 7 business days to return them, completed with your special words. You can include your favorite quotes, words of encouragement, small pictures to color (for our younger children sizes), maybe a personal story, the list can go on! Make them meaningful, make them an extension of YOU!

Shipping costs back to us - are part of  your service.